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I highly recommend them. Sapna N. FREE 6 months warranty for parts replacement. FREE service call with repair. We work 7 days a week 7 a. Service Area. Oh, and it doesn’t try to import your entire library into itself.

Like any other program, it just reads the files off the drive. I’ve used ACDsee for 15 years It only imports image metadata which is a bit cumbersome, because you have to initiate it manually after adding just 1 pic to a folder.

Maybe the other Lightroom the cloud-based does “try to import your entire library into itself”. Don’t know. I never understood that program the supposed advantage, the way it works from a consumer’s pov. I tried ACDsee 3 years ago, and found a hidden sub folder “[Developed]” created under any folder where you Develop an image.

These were up to 18MB. ACDSee support said that these are preview files to “save you waiting” when you next open the photo for developing. In comparison LR creates thumbnail previews less than 0. I found many of the LR preview sub folders to be empty when I checked. There is a further preview file created, stored with the catalog and used by the Manage module so that the thumbnail views represent the edited photo.

If you use the Edit module then a further hidden sub folder is created; “Originals” and a copy of your photo prior to editing is placed in here. So, beware of ballooning storage requirements. Well other DAMs create big “cache” folders too.

But it’s certainly good to be aware of them. This was a big show-stopper for me, coming from LR subscriptions, bugs, slow and C1 bugs as hell, everywhere and always, support not reacting ; “develop” is not just a “preview” folder!!! I hate not being able to change where it creates these folders, as it messes with my image source at NAS, but I swallowed this once and never looked back. The NR “limitations” are just a theoretical test on paper: I have never issues in practical usage with it, does a decent job.

You could then uninstall LR and later edit more with other Adobe software or Adobe compatibles, i believe some competitors are compatible, up to a point. I guess every aspiring software review now is mandated to begin with “and there’s no subscription.

Those people who do not like subscriptions are in denial or like to focus on petty items. The should check what their “subscriptions” are for their utility bills, insurance and medical drugs. Software for subscription only is a bunch of BS. I threw Adobe out the window years ago and haven’t looked back. DXO spanks them all. Well, eveyrbody thinks different; for me it’s quite an important point, as I still understand the ‘insurance and medical bills’ a bit different cashflow as for editing the images.

No thanks. AfterShot has needed a major rebuild for a long time. Glad to see it. I’m a fan of PaintShop Pro, and believe two programs need much better integration. One is tempted to just give up. How either Adobe or Acdsee can market pruducts with such bad noise reduction at all beats me.

Check Photos support for your cameras though, you may be very surprised at how wide is their range and how good the software now is. Otherwise all of them are a fail, because they never update the software to include new camera models and lenses! I’m with you. RAW support on these smaller products is abysmal. I understand the challenges but as a consumer it is a non-starter. At least Capture One has been working on improving this recently.

If only Apple could release an Aperture-like advanced editing module for Photos, I would be satisfied. The speed, reliability and industry support in Photos puts professional products to shame, but the tools are just not there.

Your post mentions two different issues: Camera software compatibility and noise reduction quality. DPR’s conclusion is that it is good software for amateurs and enthusiasts.

As an amateur that uses the version I agree. If I was a pro and making money, I would use Capture One or something else more versatile. At least about the Fujifilm files they are upfront. Adobe’s USM mask minimum of 0. I gave up on Capture 1 years ago.

I had it, used it, liked it. Except for one nasty little niggle. It deletes all your imported files. All I did was uninstall a trial of Capture 1 years ago, and that IS what happened.

Those photographs no longer exist, as in those days HDDs were so expensive I did not make backups. A lot of world-class original artworks destroyed, not funny. It made my choice a lot easy on weeding out the apps I want to keep.

DXO won’t be one of them I keep. I just don’t want a subscription based app. You’d think Adobe would keep Elements current too? One thing to consider is that Acdsee stores keywords and categories in custom XMP tags, this means no other software will see them.

You can export to iptc tags but you will loose hierarchy and in case you will decide to switch to another program you will have to tag all your photos again. What you don’t understand, is that ACDSee has a unique keywording structure that reduces the need for hierarchy in keywording. There are Categories and Keywords, which are really two iterations of the same thing. By intelligently splitting up your hierarchy into categories and key words, you can minimize the need for keyword hierarchies.

It you have a hierarchy that uses “Festivals State fair” for example, You could put Festivals in the Category file and State fair in the Keyword file. By logically separating them, and linking them to State fair photos we can create fairly complex hierarchical searches. I could also create the keyword ‘flowers’ and do a search on ‘Festivals’ and ‘flowers’ without traversing every hierarchy that starts with “Festivals”.

This is a major time saver on keyword searches in a big database. Yes, it is less portable to other systems keywording tools. My understanding is but sorry sorry if i’m wrong : – Plain IPTC doesn’t support hierarchies – Hierarchies are always a per-software solution.

About storing keywords – in strictly IPTC-conforming ways for JPG and DNG, inside the file or – after the software’s own whims external database , there’s pros and cons for both i guess. I prefer full IPTC conformity right away and would set LR to do so automatically, even if it causes delays when keywording big numbers of photos in 1 go and esp with automatic online backup and slow bandwidth.

The same also applies to face annotations. This was at least the case when I checked for Lightroom Alternatives in I agree, Acdsee uses its own namespace for tags instead of using the equivalent tags in standard XMP namespaces this defeats one of the most valuable features of metadata: interoperability Luckily DXO Photolab copies all XMP tags to exported photos, including AcdSee private tags.

Gianpaolo – you are correct in that this is stored in the database records. One useful file management feature I do not see mentioned and that I have never seen in any other product attracted me to ACDSee. This is the option in the file import utility to split raw files into a separate folder from the JPEG files — for me, this means if I shoot with both formats, I get JPEGs in a date-coded folder and the corresponding raw files identically named in a “raw” subfolder in case I need them, much like the sleeve of negatives in the front of my prints from the lab in the film days.

I just subscribed to LR and I’m learning how to use it. Not if you have a large database. Hierarchical databases are inherently faster than relational databases. Glen, hierarchical databases are a relic of the past. Both relational and no-SQL databases far surpass these today by a large margin, both in speed and where applicable in usability. I KNOW relational, object, and hierarchical databases.

That is, a whole bunch of computers strung together by an OS that can intelligently split up an SQL query into separate sub-queries. The typical personal computer simply cannot do that sort of thing. Relational databases are great for developers and data analysts though, Programs are easy to modify to meet changing needs. But for the preprogrammed type of queries that DAMS do, hierarchical databases remain the fastest and most responsive. Noobie question, but which of these discussed programs are using hierarchical vs those using relational DBMSs?

Curtis Philips – Lightroom uses a relational database. There may be a few others, but not many. Don’t misunderstand me, please!

A relational database system works well for small to medium sized set of records, but as the number of records increases, the number of computing resources your computer requires for reasonable response time. Hierarchical delays reaching that bottleneck significantly. Glen Stop spreading FUD. Lightroom can easily handle millions of images in it’s database without significantly slowing down.

You are grossly out of touch with the advances made in this regards! A good and fair review. I wouldn’t use its NR feature for all but the least demanding of situations. The upcoming version claims to have redone the NR function, but I doubt that it will change my worflow using Denoise AI.

Not mentionned is its strong color selection and edit suite of tools. You won’t have the big editor found in Ultimate, but for many, it is enough. As for noise reduction, ACDSee claims it to be improved in the version which is to come out by the end of this month. We’ll see how much better it is. I would you are a Canon user Plus Macs are more popular amongst more serious editors who are likely to just stick with Adobe.

I shoot RAW and have never had problems with the noise reduction I find it preserves detail and colour. Wonder how well it renders colors and sharpness of Fuji raw files. Do you have any experience with that? I use it and I find it’s noise reduction is fine even for relatively large prints. Pixel peepers can find a problem anywhere. I do not understand how, with so many customers paying subscription pricing for Lightroom and Photoshop, Adobe cannot remain competitive in noise reduction or speed of the software for that matter.


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Number one reason I use it that it saved me so much of my precious time compared to any other photo browser or editing program!

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